Our secret to trouble-free office paper? – attention to dozens of parameters

To maintain the high quality level of copy paper, quality control is a very important point at the end of the production process.


Cameras, defect detectors and measuring heads are positioned at various points on the paper machine to provide a current picture and basic information about the parameters of the paper that will be used on our desks.


After the web is wound, very detailed analyses (of whiteness, thickness, smoothness, roughness and other parameters) are carried out in the laboratory.

MMBLOOM papers:

  • Integrated production
  • Consistent technical parameters – reliable operation of multifunctional devices (printers)
  • Quality Testing Centre (testing over 6 MM sheets per year to assure highest quality)
  • EU Ecolabel, FSC® (FSC® C007894), PEFC certificates
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / ISO 50001


Learn about our quality control in 5 steps

Deflection test

The deflection test is carried out on high-volume, very fast copying digital printers that are regularly serviced.

The control concerns 25 reams, because this is how many are on the entire width of the web. From each ream, 100 sheets are printed on one side and 50 sheets are printed on both sides, which are then compared with a master and the results are recorded in the ‘Test report on functional properties of copy paper’ and in the computer system Working with such high-speed printers has allowed us to eliminate the problem of double-sheet pulling and jams during printing.

Moisture measurement

It is performed during the deflection test in every fifth ream and the results are recorded in the report. It can be done anywhere on the production line if there is such a need.

Thanks to such a simple operation, learned from experience and thanks to the cooperation with the Paper Machine staff we have managed to reduce to a minimum (almost completely eliminate) the amount of blurring in the copies after printing.

Dust measurement

Dust measurement takes place once a week in the Paper Testing Centre. This is done using the ‘dusting’ method.

Why only once a week? After years of testing and analysis, the problem of dusting in our papers is practically non-existent, and the measurement itself is carried out according to a predetermined internal procedure. It simply has to be controlled.

Cut quality assessment

This consists of checking the cut at least once a day on each small format sheeter.

The samples taken are compared with the cutting quality standard and the results are recorded in the computer system. The quality control is also carried out by the operators of the sheeter on an ongoing basis.

Box assessment

Box assessment is performed on each shift and consists of a very detailed inspection of the packed box taken at random from the batch sent to the Paper Warehouse.

The inspector checks all reams sheet by sheet, the condition of the wrapping and its graphic design, the condition and appearance of the box including the lid. If there are any irregularities, the sheeter’s staff and supervisors are immediately informed and take the appropriate measures.