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MMBLOOM was designed to offer the best printing experience and a wide range of solutions, whether for a document on which your company’s image depends or simply high volume black and white printing.


Our secret to trouble -free office paper? – attention to dozens of parameters


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MMBLOOM Essential

Created for those who seek fast and trouble-free high-volume printing. It is ideal for everyday printing of drafts, copies, homework or notes.


Designed for both individuals and companies,

perfect for those who value efficiency and time and money optimization. Enhanced whiteness makes the quality of printing higher than ever.


Designed for demanding prints – crisp, elegant and with the required contrast level. Perfect for printing thesis, reports, contracts, charts or business forms.

MMBLOOM Excellent

Ideal for those who look for the highest quality. Works great for all types of printouts: letterheads, graphics, handouts, presentations or reports.


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