Paper for sustainable development. Using paper in a sustainable manner is possible. The production of each box of MMBLOOM paper is a responsible, safe process that benefits local communities.

For the sake of the environment, choose MMBLOOM papers

Environmentally safe product

The EU Ecolabel certificate is a confirmation of, among other things, low emissions to air and water and the exclusion of harmful substances from production, both for the environment and for humans. For example, elementary chlorine is not used in the production of MMBLOOM paper.

Responsible forestry policy

Thanks to responsible forestry policy, Europe’s forest area increased by almost 10% between 1990 and 2020. This represents an area of 140 000 km2. The data comes from the official website of Eurostat.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Kwidzyn plant supplies heat energy to approx. 10 000 homes in Kwidzyn, avoiding about 40 000 tons of low CO2 emissions annually.


100% of the wood used to produce MMBLOOM paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

„Green” supply chain

The wood for MMBLOOM paper production travels an average distance of no more than 180 km by road on its way to the factory.

Use of green energy

More than 52% of the energy used by the Kwidzyn factory is green energy.

Waste water treatment

Kwidzyn mill treats 100% of the municipal wastewater for the city of Kwidzyn. The water used in paper production is returned to the Vistula River cleaned.


The mill in Kwidzyn provides employment for nearly 1,800 people and indirectly for more than 10,000.

Responsible energy management

Around 78.8% of the energy we use is produced by the Kwidzyn factory.

Community engagement

The average paper ream packaging contains 4 milion euro to charitable organizations over the years.

The company received assistance under the government programme entitled: „Aid for energy-intensive sectors related to sudden increases in natural gas and electricity prices in 2022”.